Jazz, Folk and World Music

 Avalon Swing takes center stage. 

Prepare to transport yourself back in time.

This captivating group of acoustic musicians true purpose, is to ignite a fervor for acoustic music. With a touch of old-time radio play and a sprinkle of bohemian gypsies, Avalon Swing will surely captivate your senses.

The band's repertoire are tunes from across the musical world.  A repertoire chosen from earlier times, using a mix of vintage acoustic instruments blended with instruments that access the synth sounds. 

However, tread cautiously when indulging in their mesmerizing melodies. This small band of performers may mask their true intentions behind a dazzling and uplifting facade. While their performances may elevate your spirit, be aware that they have a knack for diverting your attention with their brilliant vibes. Stay alert and embrace the magical experience that Avalon Swing has in store for you.

Whether you find yourself at one of their performances or listening to their music, Avalon Swing creates a delightful and heartwarming atmosphere.



Avalon Swing

" Swing is in "








At Spicers Hidden Vale


"Avalon Swing"

Earlier Versions of Avalon Swing 


Even Earlier Versions of Avalon Swing 



Avalon Swing are Brisbane based and are performing around South East Queensland